About Me:

Aztlan at heart

My home is dearly the pacific, growing up in California, Oregon and Washington I spent my youth experiencing all the west coast has to offer. I've worked many trades such as baristing, coffee roasting, carpentry, photography and bartending.

Currently my skillset resides in UX Design, Game Design, AR and Frontend Engineering.

Artist beginnings

In Seattle I worked contract roles in commercial photography for years, where I was mentored by Sofia Lee. In my mentorship, Sofia taught me the nuances of studio lighting, optic distortions, field interviewing, location scouting, and project direction.

My experience working in the photography industry conditioned me well for working in design, learning the fundamentals of branding and creative directions. My work in the industry includes contract work with publications such as Teen Vogue, Vice, and Seattle Weekly.

I built this website with React/Gatsby.js, TailwindCSS, PostCSS, MDX.js, react-spring and deploy via netlify.

Don't you know I love that JAMstack?